Silly Bunnies

February 14, 2017 at 10:47 am

Persephone has discovered a new hobby. She is pulling her food trough off of her hutch wall…silly bunny! Can you say bored! Since this is a recent development, I wonder if this is her protest of being spayed? I know, it is a real stretch, but she was perfectly satisfied with leaving it alone before the surgery.

Other than that Persephone is a very happy bunny as long as she has a quiet space around her. She does not like noise at all.



Beginning the Project

February 11, 2017 at 2:48 pm

We are at the start of the Bearhaven project, and I am looking forward to really getting started.

Currently, we have a renter in the house, but I’ll be able to begin work on the yard and garden as weather permits. Hopefully, we will take possession sometime between May-July. Then the real work begins or at least as much as my health permits.

The first project on which I’m working is restoring a 5-leg farm table. It is really cute, although it is covered in layers of yellow paint, and it has been used for years down in dad’s basement to hold all his older paint and thinner cans.

I have succeeded in getting most of the paint off the top surface of the table. I’m beginning to work on the legs and sides. I know I will end up sanding the whole table to reveal the wood. The table was used for so many years and has many surface burns on it. While I’m hoping the majority of the stains come out, I certainly don’t mind some of them remaining to tell the story of the past.