Missy’s Corner is my little corner of the world. I love visitors, so feel free to come to my place and have a spot of tea with me.

A little bit about me:

  • I am an eclectic craft artist, working in a wide variety of media
  • I love singing and dancing, and I have been in several choirs and a dance worship team
  • I have a BS in Family & Consumer Science Education with a minor in Family Resource Management
  • My MS is in Vocational Education
  • I have taught cooking, finance, computers, child care, craft, and sewing classes to both children and adults
  • I have worked as an administrative computer software course developer and trainer, a software course developer and trainer, a website developer, an educator, an office manager, an account manager, a home healthcare aide
  • I have experience working with special needs children and adults and currently care for my autistic grandson