Dwarf Dutch litter

What is cuter than a little bunny? Well, in our house, five little bunnies!

We have 5 dwarf dutch bunnies…Persephone (Mama), Adonis (Papa), and their three babies, Snowflake, Shadow (both boys), and Phoebe. Mama and Papa kindled 5 babies – two black, two gray, and 1 albino – around Thanksgiving last year (2016). We found homes for two of them, and we decided to keep three of them.

Our bunnies are house bunnies and are very tame. I mainly raise them to help fertilize my gardens. Unlike other kinds of animal manure, bunny poop is not “hot”, which means it can be directly applied to my garden, and it won’t harm my plants.

Of course, the other reason, is that these cuties are soft bundles of fun and very quiet companions, especially when compared to other pets.