Declutter & Downsize

Clutter, clutter, clutter…don’t you hate it? Piles of stuff stacked on just about any and (maybe) every surface in your home? Open up a drawer or cabinet and its full of more stuff. Do you ever come home from the store or the grocery and have trouble finding room to put away the items you purchased? If so, maybe it’s time to step back and really take a good look at all of the things taking up space in your home (no, not the kids or your significant other), the “junk”. Do you really need all that stuff, or it is time to get rid of it and breath some fresh air into your home!

There are two areas I want to address on this subject – decluttering and downsizing.

  • Decluttering consists of ridding your home of unwanted, unused, unneeded, broken, etc. items. Basically things that take up space and make it difficult for you and your family to either use your home comfortably or cause you to spend more time caring for the things in your home than spending time doing the things you prefer doing, such as taking the family to the park.
  • Downsizing is something I am currently doing as we move from a large dwelling (2600 sq ft) into a smaller space (1200 sq ft). In the process of downsizing, you will find yourself decluttering your home of many, many items, or at least, I have done so each time I have downsized in my life.