Family Websites

These are some family related websites I have found interesting.

Our Family Sites

  • C Stu – My sweetie’s website.
  • Cowbox – A patch of green along the information highway.
  • Honeymoon Bears – Our “girls”‘ website.
  • Kentucky Jam – Stu and his brother’s music website.
  • Woof – Michael’s (our brother-in-law’s) website.

Other Sites

  • AARP – We’ve already received enough discounts from AARP to pay for several years in dues. Besides great discounts, AARP is a wonderful advocate for senior issues.
  • Children’s Storybooks Online – Interesting site which provides free children stories, puzzles, etc.
  • Eldercare Locator – Good resource for those who are responsible for aging parents.
  • Family Education – Lots of information, activities and ideas for parents about child-raising and education. Articles are organized by age group.
  • Family Fun – This site has lots of craft, party, recipes, games, and travel ideas for the family.
  • Focus on the Family – Great website for family and parenting advice.
  • Frugal Living – Lots of tips for saving money, yet living well.
  • NASA’s Kids’ Club – Contains several games including a Buzz Lightyear game. FUN!
  • Senior Living – Great reference site for senior citizens at