Kitchen Hints

Just a few hints we’ve picked up over the years.

  • A little vinegar cuts through grease on the stove FAST! It also is great in removing stains on the counter from coffee or koolaid. Since vinegar is a food item, it also is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. It also can make the house smell like Easter.
  • Above one of our kitchen work cabinets, we placed a nice size mirror. It seems to brighten our kitchen nicely as it reflects the window light, and it seems much cheerier in the room. We also like the reflection of the bustle in the kitchen as we prepare meals.
  • Do you ever come home from work exhausted and not wanting to spend time cooking? What we do is to prepare food on the weekends in larger batches then we need. We bag the “left-overs” in ziploc freezer bags in serving sizes and place them in the freezer. During the week we can pull out of the freezer one of the bags, heat the food, and eat homemade food in just a few minutes. It tastes much better than TV dinners, and it is even quicker to make. We also can each choose what we want to eat just as we would at a restaurant.
  • Get your kids involved in cooking. We gave one night a week to each child to be the master chef. All recipes had to be submitted (and approved) to make sure the cost stayed within reason and the recipe was suited for the child’s ability. We discovered some great new tastes, a few recipes we’ll never make again, plus the added confidence the boys had in the kitchen. John went on to make cooking his career.
  • Oh…each child had the reponsibility to clean up “his own mess” to teach them to be responsible and neat cooks.
  • This is a hint I got from my grandmother Jones. Keep the sink filled with hot, soapy water as you are cooking. As you finish with a cooking utensil you can drop it in the water. During those few “wait” minutes every cook experiences, you can quickly wash the cooking dishes. When the meal is ready, most of the clean-up is finished!