Stu’s Other Other Blog: The Introduction

Greetings from the bucolic urbaness of Lexington, Kentucky!

Recently on Twitter, I asked:

Well, this is that place: the answer. (Not to be confused with The Place!)

Soon, I’ll be blogging about personal stuff, whining about whatever makes me sad and attempting to flirt with most of the population of planet Earth.

I have long longed to write, but am way to lazy to make histories and back-stories for the characters in the novel I’ve been plotting for the last ten years. Being lazy and yet goal-oriented, I have written songs, poems, and (mostly) blog posts. Sometimes I write technology and computer directions for work, but I have not ventured into the abyss of writing a lengthy work of fiction. To quote the amazing Robert A. Heinlein,“Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

About me . . . hmmm . . . I read every day. I have an older pre-Fire Kindle and enjoy reading Spider Robinson, Robert A. Heinlein and an eclectic lot of other authors. One of my favorite books–yes the one I have made of trees–is The Cuckoo’s Egg, by Clifford Stoll. (I guess I identify with a Unix sysadmin nee astronomer living in Berkeley in the 80s: go figure!) Another favorite of mine is A Fine and Private Place by Peter S. Beagle.

I am currently reading R.A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and will likely intertwine that with the SSL Server Rating Guide I downloaded from Qualys SSL Labs today.

I prefer off-beat fiction. From my perspective, if you’re going to read a Richard Bach book, skip Jonathan Livingston Seagull and try Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah!

Yeah, so to introduce myself as a writer, I spent too much time introducing myself as a reader. (It’s probably a good thing, because that’s how this blog is gonna be: Me getting distracted and rambling on about stuff tangentially related to the actual subject about which I purport to be writing!)

On yet another side note, my posts will contain Easter eggs.

For now, I’ll stop here. I gotta spend some time fixing my WordPress theme so the blog.php actually works the way I prefer. (It didn’t even include a single.php, and had no support for comments, when I wrote it two and a half years ago!)


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