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This, being my personal blog, will be about me.  Today I downloaded some pictures from my camera and found one that describes my day yesterday (and my current life) very well. (So well, in fact I tweeted it, posted it to Facebook and Google+!)

Two laptops, a tablet and a high-chair

Two laptops, a tablet and a high-chair

How ’bout some history. What made me this way?

I was born in Owensboro, Kentucky near the end of the first year of the 1960s. When I was two, we moved to Lexington, Kentucky. First, we lived in the projects. Later the bank helped my parents by a house in the Southland-Deerfield-Open Gates area of Lexington.

By this time, I had both a sister (older) and a brother (younger). Much of what I remember about the 60s was going to the emergency room at St. Joe Hospital so my brother, Damon, could get stitches/the quarter removed from his ear/X-rayed and so on.

I do remember loving the Supermarionation TV show, Thunderbirds. I fact, my wife and I posited that much of my personality must have been formed watching this show! I still adore petite women (Tin Tin), am a nut for anything NASA or space-related, and try to help others.

Early on, I developed a passion for school and learning. (When I was three and my sister got to go to school while I had to stay home I was so jealous!) Two years later when I finally got to go, I discovered learning was my catnip! My love of learning is closely tied to my love of reading.

Thanks to the bookmobile and the wonderful lady that manned it, I was introduced to reading.  I started with the venerable Dr. Seuss and soon graduated to Gertrude Chandler Warner’s Boxcar Children, Surprise Island and Mikes Mystery. I was hooked!

We were a fairly normal, mildly dysfunctional American family. I sported the buzz cut, so popular in those days, and we took modest family vacations to Natural Bridge, Mammoth Cave, Boonesboro and other nearby places.

In the late 1960s, we got a tent camper! Too groovy! Hooked behind Dad’s 1969 Chevy Nova, we set out to explore Kentucky (and much of the South-East).

I recall going to Florida to see the then future home of Disney World. What I remember most is the animatronics display–that later became Flight to the Moon–where the robot holding a clipboard told us about what was being built. It was very impressive.

That same trip, we stopped by the Kennedy Space Center–at the height of the Apollo program–and checked out the awesomeness that was NASA. I have been, and am, so blessed!

In 1972, we moved from Lexington to Richmond, Kentucky. My father had finished his PhD. and taken the Chair position for Corrections at the College of Law Enforcement at EKU. I see it’s now the College of Safety and Justice.

Not too many years later, on another camping trip to Florida, I told my parents that I was going to grow my hair and start parting it in the middle. It seems that in 1974, this was a big deal!

Around this time, I traded by brother a backpack for his acoustic guitar. I taught myself to play using the three-chord booklet included with the guitar and my budding knowledge of music theory. By then, I had been playing trumpet for a few years and started attending Stephen Collins Foster Music Camp at Eastern Kentucky University.

I had some great times at Foster Camp! Learning about music and chasing girls suited me. Yep, a great way to spend four weeks of my summer!

Well, that’s bits of my history up to the mid 1970s. I’m tired. Perhaps I’ll do more later. For now, Imma publish this and call it a day!


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