Our Twisted View of Gender Identity

OK! WTF is going on in western culture? Why do heterosexual men love to watch other men play with balls? And why do we consider this manly? What am I missing?

Face it: most men are little boys in adult bodies: never cleaning up after themselves, scared that they might actually be gay or not masculine enough, living in fear that they are not actually men.

I’m a man. There are those that would call me CIS male, though I do not accept that tag. I am, by behaviour, a practicing heterosexual. (Practice makes perfect, right!?!) My brother seems to enjoy telling me that I’m a woman, “Really butch, but a woman.” This doesn’t bother me at all! I have always preferred the company of women to that of men. I have no interest in manly stuff like sports or fighting or lying about sexual conquest. My wife tells me that I’m a lesbian. As much as I’d like to, I cannot embrace that identity as I have mixed chromosomes and male genitalia.

No one else can define me. I define myself. Every day! (Check out Stevie Boebi’s My Identity on YouTube.)

I believe there is no need to put other  people in Little Boxes that can’t contain them, anyway. If it helps you to think of people as being members of certain groups, stereotypes, or bents, then think it! But keep it to yourself. Let other people define themselves!

Finally, as far as worrying about your own identity (or identities), just be the best you you can: Love often and well; give others your best; be responsible for your own actions, and let worries take care of themselves!

With Love and Hope,

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