Tolerance: The Mantra of True Humans

Though I would never consider myself a humanist, I do believe I am a human. I like to think of myself as a human doing. (Human being sounds too passive to me!)

One attribute that I find in other humans that I love is tolerance. Allowing other people to be who they are; embracing the differences that keep us all from being clones and drones.

I will and do respect your culture, genetic heritage (race), religion, sexual orientation, gender identity. I will do my best to treasure every part of the complex concoction of traits that make you, wonderfully you! In short, I will love you the best I can.

I adore and respect SassiBob and Nixie Pixel. For me, both of these amazing, lovely humans represent the best in tolerance and promoting pure love for other humans. If you have the money and want to support great videos and wonderful people, consider giving to either SassiBob’s or Nixie’s Patreon campaigns!

Perhaps, it comes down to respect.  Movies, quotes and sound clips tend to talk about respect being earned, but I contend that respect is given. I will give anyone my respect, until they teach me that they don’t deserve it; and that doesn’t happen very often.

The simple aphorism: Live and let live sums it up pretty well. Allow other people to disagree with you, and let them have their opinions. (Remember, what other people think is just neurons firing inside their brains!)

Wishing you love, peace and the ability to love others and let them live in peace as well,

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