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America is Getting Trumped

I read a tweet by George Takei saying that climate change, cilvil rights, LGBT, and healthcare pages have been removed from the web site. Sure enough, many pages have been removed. Are we headed back to the ’50s and … Continue reading

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Our Twisted View of Gender Identity

OK! WTF is going on in western culture? Why do heterosexual men love to watch other men play with balls? And why do we consider this manly? What am I missing? Face it: most men are little boys in adult … Continue reading

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Tolerance: The Mantra of True Humans

Though I would never consider myself a humanist, I do believe I am a human. I like to think of myself as a human doing. (Human being sounds too passive to me!) One attribute that I find in other humans … Continue reading

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About me (more about me?)

This, being my personal blog, will be about me.  Today I downloaded some pictures from my camera and found one that describes my day yesterday (and my current life) very well. (So well, in fact I tweeted it, posted it … Continue reading

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Stu’s Other Other Blog: The Introduction

Greetings from the bucolic urbaness of Lexington, Kentucky! Recently on Twitter, I asked: I have a technology (Slackware) blog and a work blog: Where should I blog about gender identity? Start a new one? #3blogsistoomany — Stuart Reedy (@stureedy) October … Continue reading

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