Ecology Song

Ecology Song
Words by Stuart Reedy

Strip mining in Kentucky
Tearing off the mountain tops
Killing trees like plastic soldiers
This has got to stop

Cities all along the shoreline
Pumping sludge into the sea
Ruining life for little creatures
Killing you and me

What of future generations?
Just what will we leave for them?
The way we treat our mother planet
Really is a sin
Soon there will be nothing left alive

Building cities over nature
Paving over silent earth
Running off the deer and rabbits
What are their lives worth?

Fill the air with sulfur toxins
Fill the sea with human waste
Fill in rivers with our garbage
Do it all in haste

Obliterate the ozone layer
That protects us from the sun
Fill in valleys with our refuse
God, what have we done?
Soon there will be nothing left alive

They got stuff with radiation
That lasts fifty-thousand years
So they bury it in barrels
Ignore the people’s fears

Oil Spilling in Alaska
Covering the pristine shore
Nesting birds and tiny creatures
Dying by the score

Chopping down the mighty forests
That give us the air we breathe
Reeking havoc, self-destruction
A tangled web we weave
Soon there will be nothing left alive