Gray Song

Gray Song
Words and music by Stuart Reedy

Lost on lonely solitaire
Confined for bein’ free
And now I’ve sentence me to die
For things that cannot be
Lookin’ out the window at
The kids that fill the streets
Creatin’ island in the filth
Don’t leave much time to eat
But that’s O.K.
They’re not serving, anyway
Mother, please just let us stay
Can’t you see, we’d rather play?

The news is filled with politics
The man says, “it will rain”
And he says that Christ came yesterday
And took away the pain
But I don’t believe a word he says
‘Cause my heart’s filled with hurt
And no clouds line the sky-blue sky
Reflected in the dirt
But that’s alright
I wasn’t going out tonight
Now every day seems like a fight
For things that I believe are right

I’ve spent so long away from you
My tears have all run dry
And things that used to make us laugh
Just make me want to cry
But now I’m grown and childhood dreams
Should seem, to me, absurd
But I still pray they’ll all come true
Despite the things I’ve heard
It’s not O.K.
I don’t want to be away
I would have been home yesterday
But can’t you see, they make me stay?

Lyrics     C. Stu