Manufacturer to Network Card Cross-Reference
(Database currently contains 27836 records.)

Notes for nic
You only need to enter the first six hexadecimal digits of any MAC address to get the manufacturer. Most of the common formats are supported: 00e0cf or 00:e0:cf or 00e0.cfe2.acd1 or 00-e0-cf or 00 E0 CF would all be interpreted as 00e0cf.
The manufacturer search uses a smells-like search and will match partial entries. App or Apple or aP APPL or PPL would all match Apple Computer, Inc.
The data I'm using was taken directly from the IEEE standards page:
and was last updated 04-16-2020 19:04 EST, US
If you're interested in another page that may give some more comprehensive identifications, try Wireshark Vendor List.
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